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Zywiec Group


Augmented Reality Mural (Web AR)


The brand’s goal was to create mural that would not only capture the audience’s attention but also enable interaction, using AR to enrich the experience. The activities were intended to arouse the curiosity of the audience and increase their engagement, while allowing them to share it with friends. The project was to combine the outdoor mural with the world of digital and differentiate itself from existing projects to date.


A WebAR application has been created that allows the user to take a selfie that will later show up, thanks to Augmented Reality, on the mural. In addition to the photo, the user can, by typing in a friend’s name, create a personalized invitation for the beer. Taking care of the censorship of the typed text, we synchronized the webAR application with the PESEL database of Polish names, so that after typing 4 characters, a name to choose from a list is suggested. The database contains every name occurring in Poland more than 50 times, including foreign names. After entering the name, the user can arrange the selfie anywhere on the wall, creating his own composition, take a photo of the wall and save it to the gallery or share it on social media.

Photo: Michał Dziurkowski